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How to judge the quality of household packaging sponge
Time:2021/4/23 15:09:22    

At present, there are various types of foam products and materials made of foam have many applications, such as furniture packaging, lamp packaging and bubble bags which bring us great use. So how should the quality of the product be judged? 

1. Look at flexibility.

Only the soft pearl foam can play a good role in protecting the product during transportation. This is the most important point.

2. Look at heat insulation.

Many foam manufacturers produce products that have temperature requirements during transportation. If the temperature does not meet the standard, the effect of transportation will not be good, and it is likely that disputes between the two parties will arise.

3. Look at the water resistance.

Another important indicator of pearl foam is water resistance. Usually pearl foam is a foam material with independent bubbles. This standard is to protect the transported products from the influence of external weather and climate.

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